I have always been told I have a big heart. For many years I have always tried to give back and make a difference in any way I can. Finally, I decided to embrace the saying "Go big or go home."  Then in 2013 I made the decision to combine the two things I loved to do, giving back and riding. That was when I convinced my friends and family to support my "crazy" idea at the time, and that was how Bikers For A Cause was formed. Initially I knew nothing of putting a ride together or where to even begin. So we thought why not give back to a different charity every year. Our first ride was in 2014 and we rode for The March of Dimes. That year we raised $593! Not bad for our first one out of the shoot.

Working with The Fisher House felt like a partnership, and since military and veterans is apart of several of our personal lives; it only seemed natural to continue working together. For anyone who is not familiar with The Fisher House, they provide a home away from home at no cost for active and military veterans and their families who have traveled here for medical care at the VA Hospital. Some families have stayed as long as 9 months, and no matter the donation size that we have provided to the House, they have always been so appreciative and made us feel like we actually were making a difference. While we are not in this for the recognition, it gives us the motivation to keep going when an organization we support appreciates any donation or help they receive. It is an amazing feeling to help our military in their time of need and I hope you join us and become apart of our ever growing tradition of supporting The Fisher House. See you at our next ride :) 

Our Journey

We ride for Veterans and Their Families; but also support other rides within our community. We truly believe, that in order to really make a difference, you give back and show support in many ways.

For the second year, we rode for The Salt Lake Fisher House and raised $628. After riding for The Fisher House we decided it was a match for us and we have not looked back since, and have ridden for The Fisher House ever since! Thankfully as more years have passed and we have gained more experience, and have gotten the word out more, we have only continued to raise more and more each year for The Fisher House. From the bottom of my heart I thank you on behalf of The Fisher House for your generosity and donation. ~Jackie, Founder

Deciding on The Cause


Bikers For A Cause

Making A Difference One Ride At A Time


If you would like to help out, or even join us for our "non planned" rides please reach out to me.

Jackie (801) 901-5365     or email at bkers4acause@yahoo.com.